Friday, January 20, 2012


There are some really good pawn shops here in Cedar. You choose if you want to buy anything or not, but regardless if you buy anything it is still rather fun. I would suggest talking a friend with you so you can laugh and point in awe together.
Cedar Post Pawn Shop, is my personal favorite. (Make sure you go down stairs, there is a lot of rad old stuff down there.) LET ME KNOW HOW IT GOES!

Here are a few for you!

Pawn Shop (435) 586-9423 ‎
146 North 100 West, Cedar City, UT 84720-2516

Pawns Plus435-586-4935
70 E 200 N, Cedar City, UT

Vault Gun & Pawn435-867-5309
696 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT

World Class Pawn & Jewelry435-867-0599
1014 S Main St, Cedar City, UT

Cedar Post Pawn Shop (435) 586-3651
 221 N 100 W
Cedar City, UT 84721-3517

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cedar City life is what you make it!

MEET SOMEONE NEW! New comers to Cedar may have an outlook that makes Cedar "Boring", well your probably right. Cedar really is a boring city, but I always say its all about the people. For us SUU students, if you feel Cedar is boring, ask yourself, "When is the last time I met a new person?" I am convinced the key to fun in Cedar is rooted in meeting new people. So next time your bored, GO MEET SOMEONE NEW! Chances are you will have a little fun, and help someone like Cedar a little more too.
1. Go meet Alicia at
                     Alicia Tamales (Located in Bloomers)
Map.6fad4ee           5 N. Main St. #301
           Cedar City, UT 84720               Great Food, Big portions, Fair Prices.

2. Meet a student at SUU
                 I would suggest the Library. Get real, you wont be distracting them from homework, 60%
                 of time in the library is spent on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

Just a couple ideas, good luck, more ideas to come.