Thursday, March 22, 2012

CONTEST: What have you done?

Alright, here is the deal!!!

1. Post in the comment section something exciting you have done(details please)! Tell us your stories about it.

2. I will try doing your idea. (please don't make me fall on my face)

3. I will blog about my experience and give my advice about it.

4. I will select a winner after trying them all.



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Friday, March 2, 2012

2000 Flushes

What can't you do at this place? personal favorite though has got to be soaking old tires in gas and lighting them on fire, then rolling them off the cliff, watch them roll for about 10 seconds before they reach the water at the bottom.

List of needed things
At least one tire (try to get 2 or more so you can correct anything for the second attempt).
You need about a Gatorade bottle worth of gas per tire.
Bring leather gloves (so you don't burn your hands or get gas on them).
Take a lighter or matches (do not forge this!).
A camera (if you forget this you will regret it).

How its done
First put gas all over the tire. Really important, put a good portion inside the tire.
Save a small portion of gas and poor it a close to the edge of the cliff.
Light the small puddle of gas you put by the edge.
Roll the tire through the fire you made by the edge.
Make sure the tire lights but be careful it will light up FAST.
Watch and enjoy the flaming tire roll down.

Map to get to 2000 Flushes
On the map it will say "Desert Mound" on the right of the map, 2000 flushes is just under that . (Hint: Right when you hit a dirt road on dessert mountain road turn right, there is a rail road crossing sign right there as well).

Flaming Tire at 2000 Flushes

Please be Careful!!