Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Date Idea - BAKE SALE

100% credit goes to Mikey Tagliaferri

1. Ask someone on a date (Great for group dates)
2. Take them to your house to bake (cookies cup cakes brownies - you pick)
3. Go out on the town (Wallmart, the library, anywhere with people)
4. Sell your wonderful baked goods
5. Make it a competition between the dates to see who can make the most money
6. Use only your money you made from selling your goodies and go out to eat. (So you have a little incentive to be a good sales person)


  1. I wonder who the lucky girl will be that you take on this date. I hope you are a good cook & salesman, so you can have a good dinner. Sounds FUN!!!

    1. maybe the one who posts the most or best comment on this one will win the date haha!