Thursday, April 12, 2012

Glow Stick Golf - 2000 Flushes

Also known as, "Man Made Shooting Stars."  Go to 2000 Flushes, because the large cliffs work well to hit the ball off of and it is very dark out there. This works best when there is little to no mood out. If there is a moon I suggest to drive down into 2000 Flushes and there will be less light down there and you can see the glowing balls better.

1. Put as many golf balls as you are willing to loose in a big bucket. (If you do not own any I suggest going to a pawn shop [Cedar Post Pawn Shop 221 North 100 West] last time I was there they had used golf balls for sale)

2. Break several glow sticks open and poor all of  liquid stuff inside the bucket. (wait till you are out there, because the glow stuff does not last very long)
3. Use your golf club to stir the golf balls and the glow stick stuff together.
4. Find a nice place next to the edge of 2000 flushes and take a swing.

They fall for a really long time and the glowing stuff on them leaves a trail and it looks like a shooting star.


  1. Brandt, Ummm, two words - Private Property. Two more words. Armed Guards.

    Double check me but I'm pretty sure that the Iron Mine owns that property.

    Cool Idea, but there's got to be a more environmentally conscious and safer way to make shooting stars.

  2. Attention hater above: don't act like you haven't ever been out there. And guess what, there aren't armed guards. I was there recently.

    The only time I have been caught was by police and all they did was check if there were underage drinkers and made us put out the fire because it was fire season. They didn't even make us leave.

    And even if it is "private property" that makes the adventure more fun! Great idea Brant! Let's do that once this stupid snow stops! HOLLA!